No help page for 'tau application copy'

Command Line Usage

tau application copy <application_name> <copy_name> [arguments]

Optional Arguments Description
-@ level Copy the application at the specified storage level.
- level: project, user, system
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
Application Arguments Description
application_name Application configuration name.
copy_name New application configuration's name.
--cuda [T/F] Application uses NVIDIA CUDA.
--linkage linkage Application linkage.
- linkage: static, dynamic
--mpc [T/F] Application uses MPC.
--mpi [T/F] Application uses MPI.
--opencl [T/F] Application uses OpenCL.
--openmp [T/F] Application uses OpenMP.
--pthreads [T/F] Application uses pthreads.
--select-file path Specify selective instrumentation file.
--shmem [T/F] Application uses SHMEM.
--tbb [T/F] Application uses Thread Building Blocks (TBB).

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