Example: OpenMP Only

We now proceed to OpenMP examples.  We already established the corresponding application”mm_omp” and the variants of experiments: “mm_omp-sample” and “mm_omp-inst”.  We begin by selecting the openmp application to be sampled in this experiment with “tau select mm_omp-sample”.  Note that the below figure shows that the corresponding TAU gets built at this point.

We again ran the example after setting “export OMP_NUM_THREADS=7”  in an idev session.  We simple used “$tau ./matmult.exe.omp” with no launcher because we have a serial example that is threaded.  Below we see the text representation of the results.

Below we see “$tau trial show” which is paraprof resuts.  We see 7 threads + a master thread equating to 8 overall.


Below we select “tau select mm_omp-inst” to get an instrumented example.  The figure below shows PDT’s handling of OpenMP pragmas.

We now run the example with 5 OpenMP threads.  Again, after the build we only have to do “$tau <exe>” to run the experiment.

Below we see the results of an instrumented mm example.