TAU Commander Applications

Creating new applications:
Enter: tau application create <application_name>

Copying a TAU Commander Application:
Enter: tau application copy <existing_application_name> <new_application_name>
The new application has the same properties as the original existing application.

Editing a TAU Commander Application:
tau application edit <application_name> --<application_property> <property setting>

The following properties are set to True/False (T/F):
cuda, mpc, mpi, opencl, openmp, pthreads, shmem, tbb
e.g. tau application edit –mpi T
The property linkage is set to static/dynamic (default is dynamic) this is
changed by:
tau application edit <application_name> --linkage static

The application name can be changed with –new-name as shown below:
tau application edit <application_name> --new-name <new_application_name>

A selective instrumentation file may be specified with –select-file and
its path.
e.g. tau application edit <application_name> --select_file <path>

Delete a TAU Commander Application:
Enter: tau application delete <application_name>

List TAU Commander Applications in a project:
Enter: tau application list
tau application list --l (long description)
tau application list --s (short description)

Command Line Usage

tau application <subcommand> [arguments]

Positional Arguments Description
subcommand See ‘subcommands’ below.
[arguments] Arguments to be passed to .
Optional Arguments Description
-h, –help Show this help message and exit.
Subcommands Description
copy Copy and modify application configurations.
create Create application configurations.
delete Delete application configurations.
edit Modify application configurations.
list Show application configuration data.

See tau application <subcommand> --help for more information on a subcommand.

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