TAU Commander Experiments:

An experiment is defined by: a target, an application, a measurement. Create
experiments by entering:

tau select <profile_name> <target_name> <measurement_name>

If the target, application, or measurement name can be implied then it may be
omitted. For example, if you have only one target and only one application in
your project then only the measurement name must be specified:

tau select my_profile

The select command will name the new experiment based on the names of the
selected objects. You may rename the new experiment with the tau experiment
edit command, or take full control of experiment creation by explicitly
specifying each parameter:

tau experiment create <experiment_name> --application <application_name>
--measurement <measurement_name> --target <target_name>
The entities
experiment, application and measurement must already be defined.

Command Line Usage

tau experiment <subcommand> [arguments]

Positional Arguments Description
subcommand See ‘subcommands’ below.
[arguments] Arguments to be passed to .
Optional Arguments Description
-h, –help Show this help message and exit.
Subcommands Description
create Create a new experiment from project components.
delete Delete an experiment configuration and all its data.
edit Modify experiment configurations.
list Show experiment configuration data.
select Select an experiment.

See tau experiment <subcommand> --help for more information on a subcommand.

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