No help page for ‘tau measurement create’

Command Line Usage

tau measurement create <measurement_name> [arguments]

Optional Arguments Description
-@ level Create the measurement at the specified storage level.
level: project, user, system
-h, –help Show this help message and exit.
Data Arguments Description
–callpath [depth] Maximum depth for callpath recording.
–metrics metric [metric …] Performance metrics to gather, e.g. TIME, PAPI_FP_INS.
Instrumentation Arguments Description
–baseline [T/F] Completely disable all instrumentation and measure wall clock time via the OS.
–compiler-inst [mode] Use compiler-generated callbacks to gather performance data.
– mode: always, fallback, never
–keep-inst-files [T/F] Don’t remove instrumented files after compilation.
–reuse-inst-files [T/F] Reuse and preserve instrumented files after compilation.
–sample [T/F] Use event-based sampling to gather performance data.
–source-inst [mode] Use hooks inserted into the application source code to gather performance data.
– mode: automatic, manual, never
Measurement Arguments Description
measurement_name Measurement configuration name.
–callsite [T/F] Record event callsites.
–comm-matrix [T/F] Record the point-to-point communication matrix.
–cuda [T/F] Measure cuda events via the CUPTI interface.
–force-tau-options option [option …] Forcibly set the TAU_OPTIONS environment variable (not recommended).
–io [T/F] Measure time spent in POSIX I/O calls.
–metadata-merge [T/F] Merge metadata of TAU profiles.
–mpi [T/F] Use MPI library wrapper to measure time spent in MPI methods.
–opencl [T/F] Measure OpenCL events.
–openmp library Use specified library to measure time spent in OpenMP directives.
– library: ignore, opari, ompt
–shmem [T/F] Use SHMEM library wrapper to measure time spent in SHMEM methods.
–throttle [T/F] Throttle lightweight events to reduce overhead.
–throttle-num-calls [count] Lightweight event call count threshold.
–throttle-per-call [us] Lightweight event duration threshold in microseconds.
Memory Arguments Description
–heap-usage [T/F] Measure heap memory usage.
–memory-alloc [T/F] Record memory allocation/deallocation events and detect leaks.
Output Format Arguments Description
–profile [format] Generate application profiles.
format: tau, merged, cubex, none
–trace [format] Generate application traces.
format: slog2, otf2, none

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