TAU Commander Measurements:

Create a new measurement- enter:
tau measurement create <profile_name> --profile or
tau measurement create <profile_name> --trace

Edit TAU Commander Measurements. The following measurement data arguments
may be edited --callpath [depth] and --metrics [PAPI metrics]
e.g. tau measurement edit <measurement_name> --callpath 3

The following measurement instrumentation settings may be defined with commands:
--compiler-inst [mode] (valid modes are: always, fallback, never )
--source-inst [mode] (valid modes are: automatic, manual, never )

The default is sampling, where TAU Commander will use the symbols in the binary
when built with -g to decipher code information. Source instrumentation
relies on the Program Database Toolkit (PDT) to add information to track and
the last is utilization of the compiler to instrument the source code.
There are several TAU commands that can explicitly be added to the code which
is beyond the scope of this introductory manual. Those interested can find
more information in the TAU User Guide

The following measurement instrumentation arguments can be set to True or False
(T/F) --keep-inst-files --reuse-inst-files --sample

The following measurement arguments are set to True or False --callsite
--comm-matrix --cuda --io --metadata-merge --mpi --opencl --shmem --throttle
The following measurement arguments may be set; --throttle-num-calls [count] --throttle-per-calls [us] (us=microseconds)

The following memory and output formats are set to True or False (T/F)
--heap-usage --memory-alloc --profile --trace
A measurement can be renamed with:
Tau measurement --new-name <measurement_name> <new_measurement_name>
A measurement can be deleted with: tau measurement --delete <measurement_name>
Measurements are listed with: tau measurement list (optional --l or --s
(long or short descriptions)).

Command Line Usage

tau measurement <subcommand> [arguments]

Positional Arguments Description
subcommand See ‘subcommands’ below.
[arguments] Arguments to be passed to .
Optional Arguments Description
-h, –help Show this help message and exit.
Subcommands Description
copy Copy and modify measurement configurations.
create Create measurement configurations.
delete Delete measurement configurations.
edit Modify measurement configurations.
list Show measurement configuration data.

See tau measurement <subcommand> --help for more information on a subcommand.

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